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Lorraine Khoza Foundation (LKF) is a dynamic Non-Profit Organisation and PBO aimed at creating community based approaches addressing the root causes of Gender-Based Violence and inequalities. The organisation was founded out of the increasingly rising need for a dedicated and caring organisation for victims & survivors of gender based violence. In its various forms, abuse has cemented its oppressive presence in many of our lives because the voice against abuse & gender based violence needs to find it’s power.

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Our Accolades

What We Do?

We’re On A Mission To Build
A GBV free & equal society


Advocates Of Change

Victim Empowerment & Support Services

- Counselling

- Legal Advice and assistance

- Shelter services

- Monitoring and assessment of survivor’s progress

- Victim empowerment

Awareness & Outreach

- Gender-based violence awareness and educational initiatives

- Mentorship programs for young boys and men

- Community outreach for community based approaches

- Research and Data collection

- Collaborating and coordinating with government departments & agencies, private sector and other NPOs in developing policies that are responsive to the call of Gender-Based Violence.

Empowerment & Equality Advocacy

Providing long-term sustainable projects for women in rural communities to lessen dependency on their male counterparts making them less vulnerable to Gender-Based Violence. 

- Skills development and training projects

- Leadership development

- Entrepreneural skills development

- Capacity building and training

Target Groups

- Abused women and children

- Gender-Based Violence survivors

- Vulnerable LGBTQIA+ persons

- Vulnerable children

- Vulnerable women-headed households

- Child-headed households

Equal gender rights

Our Mission

Our primary and foremost purpose of existence is to assist victims of Gender-Based Violence with social services as well as intervention and prevention initiatives prioritizing disadvantaged communities, mostly townships and rural areas.

Empowering Opportunities

Our Vision

To build and strive for a safer and Gender-Based Violence - free society, one where women and children can live freely without the fear of being violated. To be a reliable advocate for the marginalised groups in society championing equal gender rights and empowering opportunities.

Previous Campaigns

Our Activities

We have successfully ran a number of projects and events. Here is a gallery from some of those  events. Some of these events are:
GBV support services 31 Day August Challenge Young girls Imbizo Annual Business Seminar  Year end outreach GBV & Alcohol Abuse Awareness Empowerment Seminars Online social media campaigns SANAC Dialogues Women's Month programs Dialogues Empowerment projects Community outreach campaigns

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.

Get To Know Us

Our Team

Ms Lorraine Khoza

The Lorraine Khoza foundation was founded in 2019 by Ms Lorraine Khoza.

Ms Lorraine Khoza is the chairperson and founder of the Lorraine Khoza Foundation. Her passion for women and children is as a result of having been a victim of abuse and the judicial system. Upon completion of her Degree in Internal Auditing (2018) - despite the trauma she had experienced, took a bold decision, and would not practice auditing. Realising there were so many inconsistencies in the system and that there needed to be major reform, it was then that she dedicated and committed her life to representing and advocating for the transformation, empowerment, Gender Justice and the equality of women and children, channelling all her efforts to an equal and empowered society for all.

Her biggest goal is to touch, interact and conscientize a million people that will equal a million voices against the injustices in our society, voices that will take a firm stand and participate in creating safer, equal and empowered communities “I want to stand up, to learn and to raise and bring forth an army of advocates of change that will impact generations to come. Designing innovative response, intervention and prevention initiatives that will empower more women and girls in our target communities, spreading across the SADC region and eventually, globally.”

Ms Lorraine Khoza serves in various national leadership positions and has received numerous accolades for her contribution in the fight against Gender-Based Violence and inequality. Currently enrolled for an honors degree in Gender studies, Ms Lorraine Khoza has a vision to combine expertise and experience, resulting to a comprehensive approach in combating all forms of violence and inequality.


Dr Marcia Lebambo

Dr Marcia Lebambo is Section Head: Research and Innovation and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, at the Tshwane University of Technology. Dr Marcia published book chapters and articles in accredited journals and presented her work at local and international conferences. Her research interests are in the areas of entrepreneurship and small business development and policies and rural tourism.

Apart from her work as an academic, Dr Lebambo is a trailblazer in youth community development. She is the founder of the Marcia Lebambo Foundation which focuses on improving literacy in South African townships and rural schools.

Dr Lebambo is a recipient of various awards like the Top 100 Young Mandela of the Future, Woman of stature, UNISA youth community builder and Trailblazer Global Women Leader Award.

Tholithembelihle Ngwenya

Tholithembelihle Ngwenya is a 28-year-old Bachelor of Law (LLB), BA Political Studies and International relations graduate from the University of Pretoria. She is currently Head of Stakeholder relations at the Youth Employment Service (YES).

Tholi is very passionate about changing the status quo, especially for marginalized groupings such as women and the LGBTQI+ community. She formed part of the work streams that interrogated whether the University of Pretoria is inclusive and a reflection of a transformed society. She has been recognized by MTV for activism under the #BlackGirlsRock campaign in 2016 and was awarded the Ekurhuleni Shining Star Award by the Mayor of Ekurhuleni in 2020 for her active citizenship.

She is a firm believer of women occupying all spaces in society to achieve the ideals of gender representation and is passionate about changing the status quo through research-based advocacy and active citizenship.

Zola Manzini

Zola Manzini is the Founder and Executive Director of ZM Wellness, a qualified wellness counsellor who has built a reputation for providing personalised and effective solutions to help clients overcome a wide range of mental health challenges and helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals.

Currently pursuing a Master of Science in Psychology - committed to expanding her knowledge and staying up to date with the latest research and practices in the field.


Gontse Mokwena – senior manager

Adelaide Khoza – Senior Manager

Amogelang Noko – Board Member

Palesa Magagula – Senior Manager

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